Monday, 16 March 2009

Cookie Monster

These are pictures of my DS Brandon making cookies. We had a dough mix and some chocolate chip cookies and in the photo you can see him adding the two together. All was going well until mummy put them in the oven and burnt them!! I haven’t made cookies before and didn’t realise that when they come out of the oven soft they will, after they’ve cooled down go harder. But, silly me, thought they weren’t cooked and kept putting them back in the oven until basically they were rock hard and you could crack bricks with them!!!! Brandon didn’t mind though as we had fun making them and he enjoyed shovelling them from baking tray to plate and back again! Have a good night everyone !

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Susan Caroline Jones said...

He´s gorgeous Michelle,the cookies look yummy too !
Susan (saramar ) X

Here kitty kitty - put your cursor on him and he will purr and meow !