Sunday, 10 May 2009

Flower Fairies Castle 1

I thought these fairies might need a castle so I made them one. I'm quite pleased with this make as I designed my own template to make it and it was great fun to do. I had to glue two pink cards together, and use quite a bit of card from the cards in the pack to make the turrets (decorated inside and out), and door but it was worth it. I love the way the little fairy boy is peeking out of the window because he reminds me of my son Brandon when he is peeking out the window, he even has a similar haircut to my DS. I also like the little bee that's making a bee line (no pun intended) towards the flowers. I cut the white off this diecut to make it more authentic. As the card progressed I realised it would make a lovely birthday card for a little girl, hence the happy birthday framed picture on the wall, with two other pretty framed pictures on either side. The fairies inside look like they are either relaxing or dancing away. I think I will give this to my little neice Mikayla for her 2nd birthday tomorrow, on behalf of Brandon. More images below - thank you for looking - x


Susan.... said...

Thats absolutely beautiful Michelle!
susan x

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Woweee Michelle,
really pretty!!
Luv Maureen x

Here kitty kitty - put your cursor on him and he will purr and meow !