Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bright and Cheerful

I made two birthday cards, 3 ATC's and 1 handbag charm from free felt flowers and bonus papers from a magazine - the bright and cheery nature of them really inspired me as these are not my usual style, but I had so much fun with them. All I needed was a few whatnots from my own stash - hope you like them all.
PS - the cute ladybird embellishment came from a RAK from the lovely Susan (Saramar).


Anonymous said...

definitely bright and seasonal ^^
quick question - what exactly is an ATC? I've seen them mentioned in my wanderings and have fathomed out that they're small cards . . . so you make them for exchanges, or just when you need a small card to send?

Susan.... said...

Wow Michelle ! cant leave you alone for a minute haha!!!! you have been sooooo, jewellery, boxes, ATCs....all fabulous creations l might add !
missed you !
susan x

Here kitty kitty - put your cursor on him and he will purr and meow !