Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Two Cards I Made

...I made one card last night and one tonight. They are both decoupage. Forever friends and buzzcraft handbag - have a good night everyone - Michelle x


Queenie said...

Both gorgeous cards and love the handbag,i take my hat of to you at doing decoupage...when i tried i always seem to cut off a really important bit,lol.
Can you pop by mine as i have something for you.

Susan.... said...

Such very pretty cards Michelle, they are gorgeous !
susan x
could you pop over to mine,l have something special for you too..

Sequin Bead said...

these are both gorgeous cards darlin, sorry not been here michelle but, i have been a very lazy and bad blogger for many a month now. plan to visit yours often as you inspire me and i love what you do and your style is very individual too miss you hun and thanks for all your lovely comments over on my blog and also, BIG THANKS for the beautiful bracelet and card, was far too kind of you hun wear it almost everyday

natalie xx

Here kitty kitty - put your cursor on him and he will purr and meow !