Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Today I took my cat Suki to the vet. Suki is a tortiseshell cat, so that makes her very tempermental by nature. Boy did she show everyone at the vets how tempermental she can be. She was only getting her nails clipped. She has to get these done every so often because as she is an older cat (she's 16), she doesn't seem to retract them like she did when she was younger so they have to be kept really short otherwise she gets caught in the carpet and nearly goes rear end over head, I kid you not.
Anyway, I took her into the nurse, put her on the table. The nurse went to get Suki's paw and straight away Suki hissed and growled and tried to bite the nurses hand. I suggested I go out of the room to see if that would make Suki a bit more timid. Did it hell. It took two nurses (before now it has taken 3!!!) and all you could hear while sitting in the waiting room was my sweet little cat yeowling angrily. I was a bag of nerves by the time I came out of there LOL. Other people in the waiting room were mighty shocked, wondering what on earth was happening to that sweet little cat lol. Oh Suki, you have always been so strong willed and I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!! xxxx

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